Lent Music 2018

Click below to hear some of our Lent Music that we'll be singing this season.

"Into the Desert"

"Hold On To Love"

"Gracious God"

"Miracle of Grace"


Thank you to all who attended, sang in the choir, narrated, played in the orchestra for our Advent Cantata Concert!  It was a glorious event!!!

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Click on the highlighted song titles below to hear  our songs for this 2017 Advent Season:

First Sunday of Advent ✠ December 2-3, 2017

Gathering "Sing Out, Earth and Skies" by Marty Haugen 

Prep. of the Altar  "Come To Us"  by Greg Walton
Communion “Jesus, Come To Us” By David Haas and “Emmanuel” By Steve Angrisano
Closing "Christ, Be Our Light" by Bernadette Farrell

Feast of the Immaculate Conception ✠ Dec. 8, 2017
Gathering “Holy Is Your Name" By David Haas
Gloria “Mass of Renewal” by Curtis Stephan
Psalm 98 “Sing To The Lord” By David Haas/Marty Haugen
Prep. of the Altar “Servant Song” Traditional
Communion “Jesus, Come To Us” by David Haas
Closing “Hail, Holy Queen” Traditional

Second Sunday of Advent ✠ Dec. 9-10, 2017
Gathering “The Voice Of John the Baptist” (New text/Familiar Tune) 

Psalm 85 "Lord, Show Us Your Mercy"  by Rick Modlin

Prep. of the Altar  “Ready The Way” By Curtis Stephan

Communion  "Come To Us" by Greg Walton

Closing "Emmanuel"  by Steve Angrisano



Third Sunday of Advent ✠ Dec. 16-17, 2017
Gathering “Emmanuel” By Steve Angrisano
Psalm  “Luke 1:46-55 Magnificat” By James Chepponis
Prep. of the Altar “Awake To The Day” By Ed Bolduc
Communion “Come To Us” By Greg Walton
Closing “Sing Out, Earth And Skies!” By Marty Haugen


Fourth Sunday of Advent ✠ Dec. 23-24, 2017  (5:15pm and 8:30am only)
Gathering "Christ, Be Our Light"   by Bernadette Farrell

Psalm 89  "Forever I Will Sing"  by M.D. Ridge
Prep. of the Altar “Ave Maria” By Dan Kantor
Communion “Ready the Way” By Curtis Stephan   "Come To Us"  by Greg Walton
Closing “Emmanuel” by Steve Angrisano




STM Musicians

St. Thomas More Music Ministry is an active group of fantastic people who like to come together and share their talents to enhance our liturgical celebrations through playing instruments and singing!  

STM MusiciansSTM Musicians

STM Musicians


Instrumentalists grades 7 and up are welcome and

encouraged to come join us!  




Contact Judy Duncan, Director of Music Ministries for more info: 

STM Musicians

STM Musicians





Links to a few favorites:

"Emmanuel" by Steve Angrisano is one of our  Advent Songs:

"Alleluia!  Love is Alive!" by Steve Angrisano/Jesse Manibusan/Sarah Hart



"Remain in Me/I Am the Vine" by Steve Angrisano