GODSPELL Thank you

Jun 5, 2018

Thank you to all who came to our production of "GODSPELL" last weekend! 

The team had a great time putting this show together to build a "Beautiful City" of God in our parish community!


Rob Williams (Jesus)
Sam O’Brien (John the Baptist/Judas)
Marijke Nielsen (Anna Maria)
Minsu Song (Lindsay)
Keith Feldmann (Nick)
Yannik Encarnacão (Telly)
Meliza Wise (Uzo)
Ella Schmitz (Morgan)
Jim Verry (George)
Amy Timperley (Celisse)
Len Duncan (“On The Willows”)
Gina Ferrel (“On The Willows”)
Joe Rohret (“On The Willows”)
Ava Ferrel (Ensemble)
Melissa Nielsen (Ensemble)
Glenn Schmitz (Ensemble)
Colleen Sunderland (Ensemble)
Elizabeth Wagner (Ensemble)

Jim Porter (guitar/ukulele) Dave Duys (bass guitar)
Dylan Philibert (sax) Amber Rose (aux. percussion)
Spencer Knight (fr. horn) Tanner Knight (tenor sax)
Drew Duncan (trumpet) Noah Miller (Fri. drums)
Judy Duncan (piano) Darren McNabb (Sat. drums)

Special Thanks to:

Josh Sazon, our Director and Visionary
Olivia Symmonds, our Choreographer and Dance Muse
Fr. Chuck and the staff of St. Thomas More
Liberty High School Choral Dept.
Liberty High School Lightning Theater Dept.
Jared Kiebel & Shannon Knipfer
West Liberty High School
Coralville Center for the Performing Arts
Steve Nielsen, The Sunderland Three, Diane Thayer, Justin Gorgone, Rob Philibert, and Dorothy Lynn