Welcome to St. Thomas More Music Ministry!

Fall 2019

Here is our new song that we'll be using to kick off a month of Stewardship and Evangelization!

"Go Out, Go Out" by Curtis Stephan


 Summer 2019

Thank you to all who came out to our musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar".  This was a truly special show and we had an unforgettable time putting it together!





JUDAS -Adam Burnham

JESUS-Luigi Enriquez

MARY MAGDALENE-Marijke Nielsen

HEROD-Keith Feldmann

PILATE-Dale Bieber

Sam O'Brien/PETER
Marty Reichert/SIMON
Mike Deninger
Ava Ferrel
Beth Nelsen
Sam Nester
Melissa Nielsen
Joe Rohret
Elizabeth Wagner
Meliza Wise

Jackie Armstrong
Jenan Ellis
Tess Judge-Ellis
Donna Janosik
Noelle McVay
Glenn Schmitz

Robbie Duys
Clay Hulsebus

Minsu Song/ANNAS
Jason Ceynar
Len Duncan
Gina Ferrel

Carlye Hileman
Teya Kerns
Ella Schmitz
Olivia Symmonds

Cullen Bell
Dawson Bell
Landon Bell
Isabel Ceynar
Ellie Hileman
Cooper Schneider
Jacob Schneider

Allison Christopher
Anneke Nielsen


Conductor-Robert Williams

Rose Bishop
Kate Weldon
Ashley Sheehan

Ashley Smith
Suzanne Smith
Audrey Friestad

Bart Meinke

Amanda Stout
Randall Aitchison
Spencer Knight

Chris Thompson
Drew Duncan
Trevor Webb

Judy Duncan
Diane Thayer

Tom Nelson
Ryan Carter
John Arthur

Darren McNabb
Brad Thayer
Jacob Morgan

Thomas Gumpper
Bryce Bernard

Dave Duys

Dylan Philibert

Joseph Ellis

 With special thanks......
✝ Steve Nielsen and crew for our set
✝ Susan Puhl for her ninja-like sewing on our costumes (that jumpsuit!!)
✝ Father Chuck Adam and the St. Thomas More staff-you guys are the best!
✝ Donna Janosik for also helping with costumes
✝ Liberty High School for hosting us when it wouldn’t stop raining!
✝ Rachel & Ken Duncan of Ad-Market Productions, Inc. for running sound
✝ Jared Kiebel for running lights
✝ Rob Williams for the endless things he did to help our show come to Liberty


Lent 2019

Here are a few of our songs that we used throughout Lent

Enter The Journey

Gracious God

Strength For The Journey



 Advent 2018

Do you like to sing?  Has it been years since you've sung in a choir?  Come, join us for one of our Advent Cantata Concerts!  Last year's concert was on Friday, December 21st at 7pm.  It lasted aprox. 40 minutes.  What's a Cantata?  Well, it's just a fancy way of saying a choir, accompanied by an orchestra, with a narrator, telling a story through music.  We had a fantastic group of over 60 people signed up to sing, and there's always room for more!  It's a great way to meet people in the parish in a very low pressure event that's a lot of fun.  All the music is recorded on a CD for you to learn and then we put it together in just a few rehearsals.  For more information please email Judy Duncan, Director of Music Ministries at: [email protected]

Come sing with us!  You'll have a great time! 

Parade Float Music:

Click here to download and print music for the instrument you play.

Hello Music Friends!

Now that we're back in Ordinary Time for the summer months, we'll be switching the music acclamations that we sing at our Masses.  We'll be using "Mass of Renewal" by Curtis Stephan.  Click below to listen:



Holy Holy

When We Eat This Bread

Great Amen

Thank you to all who came to our production of "GODSPELL"! 

The team had a great time putting this show together to build a "Beautiful City" of God in our parish community!


Rob Williams (Jesus)
Sam O’Brien (John the Baptist/Judas)
Marijke Nielsen (Anna Maria)
Minsu Song (Lindsay)
Keith Feldmann (Nick)
Yannik Encarnacão (Telly)
Meliza Wise (Uzo)
Ella Schmitz (Morgan)
Jim Verry (George)
Amy Timperley (Celisse)
Len Duncan (“On The Willows”)
Gina Ferrel (“On The Willows”)
Joe Rohret (“On The Willows”)
Ava Ferrel (Ensemble)
Melissa Nielsen (Ensemble)
Glenn Schmitz (Ensemble)
Colleen Sunderland (Ensemble)
Elizabeth Wagner (Ensemble)

Jim Porter (guitar/ukulele) Dave Duys (bass guitar)
Dylan Philibert (sax) Amber Rose (aux. percussion)
Spencer Knight (fr. horn) Tanner Knight (tenor sax)
Drew Duncan (trumpet) Noah Miller (Fri. drums)
Judy Duncan (piano) Darren McNabb (Sat. drums)

Special Thanks to:

Josh Sazon, our Director and Visionary
Olivia Symmonds, our Choreographer and Dance Muse
Fr. Chuck and the staff of St. Thomas More 
Liberty High School Choral Dept.
Liberty High School Lightning Theater Dept.
Jared Kiebel & Shannon Knipfer
West Liberty High School 
Coralville Center for the Performing Arts
Steve Nielsen, The Sunderland Three, Diane Thayer, Justin Gorgone, Rob Philibert, and Dorothy Lynn


 Lent Music 2018

Click below to hear some of our Lent Music that we sang this past Lenten season.

"Into the Desert"

"Hold On To Love"

"Gracious God"

"Miracle of Grace"


Thank you to all who attended, sang in the choir, narrated, played in the orchestra for our Advent Cantata Concert!  It was a glorious event!!!

                       Click here to see full photo album 


Click on the highlighted song titles below to hear  our songs for this 2017 Advent Season:

First Sunday of Advent ✠ December 2-3, 2017

Gathering "Sing Out, Earth and Skies" by Marty Haugen 

Prep. of the Altar  "Come To Us"  by Greg Walton
Communion “Jesus, Come To Us” By David Haas and “Emmanuel” By Steve Angrisano
Closing "Christ, Be Our Light" by Bernadette Farrell

Feast of the Immaculate Conception ✠ Dec. 8, 2017
Gathering “Holy Is Your Name" By David Haas
Gloria “Mass of Renewal” by Curtis Stephan
Psalm 98 “Sing To The Lord” By David Haas/Marty Haugen
Prep. of the Altar “Servant Song” Traditional
Communion “Jesus, Come To Us” by David Haas
Closing “Hail, Holy Queen” Traditional

Second Sunday of Advent ✠ Dec. 9-10, 2017
Gathering “The Voice Of John the Baptist” (New text/Familiar Tune) 

Psalm 85 "Lord, Show Us Your Mercy"  by Rick Modlin

Prep. of the Altar  “Ready The Way” By Curtis Stephan

Communion  "Come To Us" by Greg Walton

Closing "Emmanuel"  by Steve Angrisano



Third Sunday of Advent ✠ Dec. 16-17, 2017
Gathering “Emmanuel” By Steve Angrisano
Psalm  “Luke 1:46-55 Magnificat” By James Chepponis
Prep. of the Altar “Awake To The Day” By Ed Bolduc
Communion “Come To Us” By Greg Walton
Closing “Sing Out, Earth And Skies!” By Marty Haugen


Fourth Sunday of Advent ✠ Dec. 23-24, 2017  (5:15pm and 8:30am only)
Gathering "Christ, Be Our Light"   by Bernadette Farrell

Psalm 89  "Forever I Will Sing"  by M.D. Ridge
Prep. of the Altar “Ave Maria” By Dan Kantor
Communion “Ready the Way” By Curtis Stephan   "Come To Us"  by Greg Walton
Closing “Emmanuel” by Steve Angrisano




STM Musicians

St. Thomas More Music Ministry is an active group of fantastic people who like to come together and share their talents to enhance our liturgical celebrations through playing instruments and singing!  

STM MusiciansSTM Musicians

STM Musicians


Instrumentalists grades 7 and up are welcome and

encouraged to come join us!  




Contact Judy Duncan, Director of Music Ministries for more info: [email protected] 

STM Musicians

STM Musicians





Links to a few favorites:

"Emmanuel" by Steve Angrisano is one of our  Advent Songs:

"Alleluia!  Love is Alive!" by Steve Angrisano/Jesse Manibusan/Sarah Hart



"Remain in Me/I Am the Vine" by Steve Angrisano