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Worship and Spirituality



The Worship & Spirituality Commission is responsible for nurturing the faith of the parishioners and for planning the prayer life of the parish.  The Commission addresses two major areas:  Spirituality, which deals with one's personal relationship with Christ; and Worship, which is the means to express this relationship through public and private prayer.  The Commission focuses on providing spiritual development for the parishioners through spiritual celebrations.

The St. Thomas More Parish has been blessed over the years with an active Worship & Spirituality Commission.  The Commission meets monthly on the first Thursday at 7:00 p.m. to evaluate previous liturgical events and plan new ones. 

Current Ministry Schedule: Click Here

Worship & Spirituality Commission Chair: Sandy O’Brien –[email protected]

Art & Environment Committee Chair: Mary Kelley– [email protected]

Acolyte Training: Kathy Deuthman— [email protected]

Eucharistic Minister and Lector Training: Mike Kelley–[email protected]

Usher Training: Mick Langguth - [email protected] 

Ministry Scheduling: Mary and Mike Kelley - [email protected]

Music Ministry Coordinator: Luigi Enrique (ext. 104) – [email protected]

Lantern Park Senior Care Facility Ministry Coordinator, Helene Hembreiker-  [email protected]

Click below to view the most recent minutes from Worship & Spirituality Commission meetings:

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Worship & Spirituality Meeting Minutes-February 2021